To agree with building that has classic style, garden should be design in same way. A decorative garden landscape that full of details and colors can be choice like this garden design style.

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Finne Architects have completed a renovation project of a 1950’s Northwest Lake Forest Park contemporary house while retaining the house’s original spirit. The modern home seems to be a glass pavilion in the forest since extensive new windows and glazed roof monitors are incorporated to the building.

Modern House Renovation

Modern House Renovation

Exterior Glass Windows

Exterior Glass Windows


It’s always nice if our house become unify with nature around it. Like this contemporary house, built in loblolly pines. To be fuse with nature, this single family residence use natural elements. This house built in assembling method. The house is composed entirely of off-site fabricated elements and ready-made components.


Simple, simple, and simple. This seems to be the best you can design an example to the furniture in your room. With a simple and minimalist shape, furniture still looks attractive and has its own characteristics. This concept comes from the idea of French furniture company Studio Manzano marries these two philosophies in a beautiful manner with Zeta Their new collection of home furniture and We just couldn’t resist featuring these. The concept is simple: messy wiring hide behind crevices Within your furniture so there is no compromise in Aesthetics when you plug in those electronic monsters. It is so simple That it makes us wonder why We do not see more of this from Some big design houses. Most of the furnishings which designed offered with white color. The design of the furniture is not large, but still highlight detail the beauty of each piece of furniture. Besides, it also will not need much space to place this furniture. It is suitable for you in order to get a place in the room give the impression of a minimalist as you want.

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Ideas can come from anywhere. And the idea could be realized with the things that sometimes we do not think. For example with an object which is then compiled to form a multi-purpose furniture and unique. Yes, for example by using a cassette. The erstwhile cassette tape is emerging as a hot favorite among industrial designers and now after the Tape Lamp and the Cassette wallpapers, we bring you the Cassette Tape Closet. Manufactured by Creative Barn, the closet is made of a whopping 918 cassette tapes that were individually screwed onto a wooden frame. This labour of love (and patience) has three doors that provides access to the mammoth storage space inside and one can store their books, their office stationary or even their clothes. The bespoke piece is a limited edition in the true sense this arrangement was beautiful and interesting to look. With furniture that is created through creative design, may be able to provide wind and fresh ideas for the other furniture designers. Or maybe you would imagine even more deeply, so that there will be a good idea to design furniture that is also unique. Who knows?

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Interior design house should be designed optimally. Various types of furniture designed by its uniqueness. Moreover, to design a table that will be the center of attention in the room. Such as coffee table design like the one below. This new Nook Coffee Table by David Picket would be a great Addition to any living room or relaxing space. True to its name it features a “Nook” built into the design so That You can store your favorite magazines or other items. With the base material made of wood, this table is able to present the impression of a minimalist but still has distinctive features and unique shapes. The shape is designed in such a way as to make room on one side of the table. Space can be used to put a book or newspaper. Suitable for placed in the living room.

The uniqueness of this table can be an important point for interior design in your room. Suitable to accompany your leisure time. Suitable to accompany your leisure time. Your room will certainly look more attractive. And of course, be different than others. Its presence could be a new inspiration for the designer possible for lovers of furniture or unique furniture to create other unique designs. I would not think twice, to have this furniture. What about you?

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Shower activity is a fun activity. Bathing can be used as a medium for relaxation and a way to relax. Of course, the bath needs to be supported by an equipment capable of providing all the comforts. For example, a bathtub with a special design as shown below. With an attractive shape and design, this bath can be an attractive point for your bathroom design.

This is by Roca.They Decorative Panels Bathtubs come in a variety of colors to suit your bathroom and even features a special rack for holding reading materials. With the space available, you can put your favorite reading in the bathtub. So when you take a bath, reading it will spoil you and maximize your relaxation. With three colors offered are beige, brown, and black, all offer a wonderful impression and has its own uniqueness. Although apparently not too big size, but the bathtub is able to maximize your relaxation activity. The design of the beautiful bathroom you directly what you get when you put this beautiful bathtub in your bathroom. In my view, this bath should be a good solution for the bathroom with a space that is not too large. Minimalist design of this tub remains an attractive option to be placed in your bathroom. Very simple and does not need a lot of places to eat.

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