Make room border is easy, give it partition, but imagine; How full your house with partition? It will crowd, isn’t it?

So, how to make border without fulfill our home with partition? Give illusion border, so every room has own territory. How to make it? Simple answer: Room Focusing.

For example, there is big space/room that accommodates three function of house; those are family room, dining room, and working room. Put a specific focus at each space, accordance to our physiology make our mind breaks that big space into three spaces, although there is no physical border. Indeed, furniture and accessories order are contributing factor that makes space bordered, but breaking space through room focusing make space divide more orderly. So what focus that we can use? (Look at image)

Family Room (function)

You can make wall as focusing area. Wall in dark green painted as a focus. This dark green wall create protrude inside about 50 cm and wooden framed. In this area, you can put down table for TV, audio equipment, and decoration. Sofa ordered faces TV, so it makes sure that view directed to green wall. When we see green wall, illusion border created in our mind. (more…)