September 2008

This modern family home plans leads a secret double life behind the wood and drywall. There’s a digital nerve center built into the Smart Home, that works constantly and automatically to save the homeowner time, reduce energy consumption and make life more entertaining. Smart Home partner Wired magazine served as the Museum of Science and Industry’s technology and automation advisor, helping to identify and procure newer-than-new, state-of-the-art systems and gadgets for the home. (more…)


We sure that he not yet go and see paradise, like us that read this now. But Bill Bensley is very enthusiast to show “paradise” through his architecture creation and landscape design.



Amarvilas Resort at Agra, India and Terengganu Sultanate Palace that very exotic maybe example of representation of his obsession of paradise beautifulness, and brought in his book’s title Paradise by Design.

Bill Bensley is from USA, grown up in North East California called Time Magazine as The King of Exotic Luxury Resort. Those two architecture masterpiece only example of about 60 pieces of his beautiful creation that spread in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, China, Japan, Mauritius, USA, until Dubai. His firm recorded as one of 45 architects that specially design exotic luxurious resort in the world. (more…)