November 2008

Located on Bern, Switzerland, these contemporary city apartments will be connected from the Breitenrainstrasse via a patio area resembling a front garden. The somewhat narrow living and eating area on the ground floor will be given the generosity of an attic apartment thanks to its room height of over three metres. All private rooms are situated on the 1st floor.

The building project, modern city apartment in the popular Breitenrain quarter of Berne envisages the conversion of the existing Löwen Garage into a residential building and a new extension in the north. (more…)


Built on lake side and mountain terrain site, this luxurious residence was designed to blend in with its surroundings. By building on only a small portion of the forested acreage, the vassel majority of the land is preserved in its natural state and unaffected by development.

Substantial in size and scale as befitting its 70+ acre site on the shoreline of New Hampshire’s largest inland waterway, Lake Winnipesaukee. The exterior colors were chosen to blend into the earth tones of the site’s natural hues. The end result is such that looking from the lake back to the home, one can only catch glimpses of the house nestle among the pine trees in a harmonious relationship with nature’s natural color palette. This manor luxury home designed by tmsarchitects.

This penthouse spaces are organized in the donut shaped apartment around building’s core in a clockwise manner from apartment entry to public rooms to private rooms. Continuing in the same direction a new floating stair takes you up to the roof terrace for unobstructed views of the skyline. Architects opened the buildings envelope to transform the apartment through it’s proximity to the Empire State Building.

The penthouse entry opens into a new custom glass and steel terrace enclosure providing unobstructed views of the Empire State Building just to the north with a cast in place concrete bench provide a place to lounge and take in the views.
Large windows around the apartment’s perimeter connect it to the city. At night, light from the Empire State building reflects off of the white satin lacquer core walls and the polished concrete floor, changing the hue of the apartment as it changes with the calendar.

The apartment was conceived as a super clean foil for the Owner’s collection of art and furniture which now includes a custom fourteen foot, French Racing Blue table, designed to recall his 1960’s Peugeot convertible.

All of the wood in the apartment is reclaimed from the fir beams of a demolished New York building, used in different cuts and textures, including the suspended closet boxes in the main hall clad in rough cut planks. This modern apartment designed by Rogers Marvel.

With U-shape plan concept, and inspiration from manor house at France, this home really luxurious. Sniff the ambience, you’ll feel like noble in the past. U-shape home plans token to take advantage of the 360 degree views of the mountains and the LA Basin. It’s on a 5 acre site in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. (more…)