January 2009

french-room-interior-designIn The French Room, best-selling author and interior designer Betty Lou Phillips explains the age-wisdom and fervent beliefs that have long defined French decorating and reveals the principles behind designing the perfect French room. With more than 150 awe-inspiring photographs, The French also shares secrets on the ways color solves irksome design problems without moving walls or making other structural improvements, addresses the art of hanging art and dressing salon windows, then moves into the French kitchen and bed chamber to explore those unique cultures. (more…)


Flat roof with aperture processing and partition order, is main item of this home design concept. At first phase, architect design letter U building with courtyard in the middle of building mass. That courtyard processed became swimming pool and garden.

The architect also applied tropical principle, which is wide aperture so outer view can be catch better. Solid and void composition at building balanced with dynamic playful between vertical pole and horizontal roof, canopy and open veranda. After that, main building differentiated from services building with made entrance and open veranda that placed exactly in the middle of those two building. With huge building mass, the architect designed fastener elements with have function as visual unity and mass interconnection. For example, length canopy unify garage, entrance until front terrace while one vertical surface wrapped with black stones and the backyard balanced transparent high void at the hook.

The unique concept is layering tha boundaries. The principe is architect arrange several layers ant aperture screen at out side of wide aperture to protected the house from sun light, all at once enable outer viewer to see inside of the house.

These architecture techniques seem at four divider surface arranged at the out side of family room on basefloor. First divider consist of bronze lath which processed became wave motif at one surface while second divider consist of phoenix trees lines. Third divider is lot fences, and the last one is processed trees in complex.

Architect also designs divider in other form, that is wooden lines and steel structure which divide upstairs open veranda and shaded the deck around swimming pool. Architect also made transition areas which have function to decrease room temperature.

Interior Concept

For interior design, first principe is public area like foyer and guest room separate from private area so it is not disturb daily activities. As the form, foyer designed became the beginning part of open veranda while guest room surrounded by wide window and doors so it gives impression that room inside embrace things surround it.

Second principe is living room, dining room, and kitchen became the heart of the house, places where dweller usually make activities. Because of that, gathering room is open designed, without partition wall, surrounded by window-doors glass, and oriented faces the swimming pool and garden on basefloor.

Window frame with from special aluminium (PVC-U) with full seal while the tempered glass made in three traps so can reduce noise from outside. Third principe is comfortable working room. Last concept is combine the colors, textures, and motif that bring cheerful in interior design. For example, earth tones colors, which appear nature motif from wood fiber and stones that used as building materials. Materials textures that used intent not matt like guest room that layered with red cooper slate stones with honed doff surface, so distinct outdoor nuance in this room. Unify with aluminium materials, made this room have modern architecture design. Designed by R+DA Architects.

bound house design1

bound house design1


This house is an extensive renovation that respects the original design whithat further define the house’s spatial qualities. This fifties house originally built in 1958 by architect and noted furniture designer Samuel Marx. Public spaces and the master suite are located on the ground floor, with private spaces and three bedrooms on the second. The house features a large, open floor plan, magnificent views of two ravines, and beautifully crafted details throughout. (more…)

This two story house designed with green building concept. Green roof planted native vegetation, a roof decks offer views. The house is constructed of factory built modules that were erected on the site-built foundation over a period of 13 hours; the structural slab-on-grade serves as the finish floor for the first level

A commitment to minimizing the project’s ecological footprint informed all aspects of the home’s design. The project team used the phrase “six zeroes” to describe the goals of the project: zero waste, zero energy, zero water, zero carbon, zero emissions, and zero ignorance. (more…)