December 2009

This modern apartment space formed in one modern bedroom, and has smart electronic home system. With kitchen, and a unique large over oversized built in L shaped sofa with projector and electronic screen area for entertainment matter. This modern technology entertainment area can be partitioned off by a 4 meter long sliding stained oak wall to form an additional bedroom when needed. A bed slides out of one of the joinery units. For the bedroom interior, structured with open plan space, direct connected with kitchen and dining space area. For functional interior decoration, there are book rack bordered the large windows, and also painting decoration, and the ceiling designed to give a sense of greater volume and height as well as hiding the structural beams. Electronically controlled diffuser curtains give greater privacy at night and due to the high degree of glazing, comfort cooling has been installed throughout. There is an integrated AV and lighting system throughout with ceiling mounted speakers to help create a seamless look. Designed by Jonathan Clark Architects. (more…)


This modern interior boutique shop has spirit of Japanese convenience store with dynamic, fluid change interior design concept. The entire shop has smart display system, to keep the space as small as possible and fill it to the brink with products, got rid of the back room storage. All of the products are on the shelves at all times. All of the fixtures, including hangers and shelving, are 7mm steel, striped like a shopping basket. There is no color play, because the products itself so brightly colored. This shop is for Issey Miyake, designed by Nendo Architects. (more…)

The construction of this modern small house is simple, box shaped, but the structure create revolutionary atmosphere experienced. The wall has huge glass windows exposed at every room, and the interior design has unique formed space and translucent surfaces, an exciting playful interior house concept. Every room connected with doorless and big windows or connecting space. The stepped floors and heights space creates in playful concept. White coloring wall and wooden furniture and functional structure create minimalist interior with spaciousness ambience. Designed by Sou Fujimoto architect. (more…)

First atmosphere cached this modern boutique just like your own wardrobe closet, really private and comfortable. This boutige interior created in simple way, but can catch spirit what boutique store like be. There is contrasting color, a grey concrete wall with rough wood crashed totally white floors, along the smart lighting system, this wide store space look prestigious. Clothes, shoes, and others arranged in unique display gallery way, such as hollow space for shoes, clothes are hung on an iron structure, impress precious and also provide spacious space. Designed by Carola Vannini Architecture. (more…)

This apartment interior design has modern white clear with detailing ornament; make this apartment look fresh and elegant. Double height structure at living area, creates spacious space. Open plan interior design with leveling space created an interesting journey while viewing this apartment. There is unique interior decoration wall, a galleried walkway, full with arts collections. This apartment also has Victorian features, such as metal framed windows on the retained facade overlooking the street. Designed by Squire and Partners Architects. (more…)

With a glossy and dark combination of interior design materials, this hairdresser salon interior concept looks futuristic and also comfortable for the customers. The interior design concept unify the inside and outside to make intense relationship. All furniture designed with futuristic product design concept. The deep and high space has a relatively small elevation. The overall space is designed combining two elements: the existing shell, with an industrial character, referring to the construction phase, and the new shell, with its free forms and more refined materials addressing the function of the shop. Designed by gfra architects. (more…)

With clear form, this sleeping bedroom concept has comfort-oriented system arrangements beside modern look concept. This sleeping series called as Mioletto from huelsta come with oak anthracite, white lacquer, walnut construction. This sleeping collection consist of bed, chest, console, dressing table, lowboard, mirror, wall mounted shelf, wall unit, wardrobe. For the beds, you can choose between a flush-sided headboard or a side headboard extension including a shelf with comprehensive accessories, such as electric sockets, atmospheric lamps, LED bedside lamps and more. This chest provides ample comfortable storage. Available in two widths with drawers, hinged or sliding doors. The elegantly curved dressing table is supported on one side by the suspended unit with drawer, and more. Huelsta.