January 2010

Glamour sense becomes lively point of view for this innovative minimalist interior design creation. Using night club lighting concept, this clear bright interior design has interesting visual effect. For the living interior space, silver colors and pattern finished décor appliances used, such for sofa pillows, lamps, dining accessories, combine with white furniture and fixtures. Soft brown orange floor and blue illumination reduce brightness effect so this modern living interior designs more comfortable. The bedroom design has softer paint and décor, but still has glamorous sense. Trend Designs Designer. (more…)


This is store interior design, but it can be inspiration idea to create or makeover your living space house with colorful and mixing varioutions. There is full length floating ceiling creas pattern of furniture and textured decoration. Base on yellow light colors, this attractive interior design has undulating patterned walls, holding display boxes, which for the residential living; it can be used to display your arts collecting a sense of depth and scale within the space, so the space still feel large while it fulfill with various pattern furniture and décor. Tina Turk Store, by The Art Office Architecture. (more…)

A hotel sumptuously rich interior design, really inspiring design for you who want to remodel or makeover your house interior design to become more glorious and rich of ornamental flavors. This luxury interior design has crashed colors and textures, a chaos combination, instead create stunning views. Luxury furniture with various patterns faces the interior wall color scheme and patterns. This awesome hotel interior design inspired of southern American origins. Hotel Monaco Alexandria interior designed Cheryl Rowley.


Here is wonderful duplex apartment interior design with luminous room and aesthetic design style. For living and entertaining room purple illumination become attractive color and hip in the space interior. Calm and relaxing earth tone colors fulfill the intimate space, like bedroom created comfortable area. This modern apartment design has creative elemental space mixing, form the modern and simple furniture, colors, accessories and lights. There is simple balcony terrace but has delight design. This interior designed by Targetliving. (more…)