February 2010

A new structure inserted, create sophisticated and futuristic interior design. Rounded structures make no clear distinction between floor wall, and ceiling. From bedroom, bathroom until living area renovated use this new structure concept. There are antique collections which create contrast to the smooth surface of the white walls and ceilings. Interesting space of this house is the bedroom and bathroom interior design. Those interior design space renovations have delightful sense and luxury modern design style. Designed by GAD Architects.



For traditional house, its interior customized to uniquely modern space, explore variety of styles and textures, and combine into glamorized modern interior. Every space has its own theme which has detailed accessorized. From minimalist interior style until luxury interior presented in this house. Various theme, but still in lines, create elegant harmony atmosphere. Not only the interior, the outdoor garden terrace also customized become retro style in modern design lines. Designed by Jeff Andrews Design.

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