urban house designs

urban house designs

There are many urban house designs, but the most amazing one in the list has been the creation of two architects namely Vandeventer and Carlander. It is called as the Madrona residence in Seattle. The space available for this home was a narrow one and so the best option to make use of the entire space was a linear design, which suits the dimension of the space. There are tall windows throughout the house and this makes the whole house brighter with natural light. The southern part windows are covered with sunscreen to give a stylish look along with some privacy. These are considered to be the best option for couples who are having different tastes. (more…)


Black and white colors become basic colors to create modern office interior which combine with classical luxury style and retained the original woodwork and parquet floors in order to emphasize the classical nature of the building. Whiteness and simplicity domination create light atmosphere, whereas black, gray, and dark lines of home furnishing and decoration (such as patterned wallpapers, large crystal chandeliers, kitchen furniture, etc), some in glossy finishing enhance elegant ambiance. Overall, this interior office designed with homey sensation, a friendly place to work in the middle of town. Designed by Studio Morpho.



large-sofa-cabana-like-installation-stylish-interior-apartment1Stylish lines with chic colors and pattern furnishings of this apartment interior renovation create the spaces very livable and awesome. Every room has its own core color, from carpet, walls, ceiling, also the furniture and accessories. Innovative vinyl flooring applied, different colors in each room with large white circles to enhance particular pieces above it. Like the L-shaped sofa with cabana-like installation in red, surrounding by red vinyl flooring because of the large white circle, the sofa aura come out ad create aesthetically sense of chic interior style. A center room has patterned wallpaper until the ceiling with black flooring. In baby/toddler bedroom in pink colors has animal décor creation, hanging as lamp and as screen decoration. Floating animal also applied in modern children room in green. Yellow lines of dining room that has bookshelves add cheerful ambiance. Closet doors were replaced with curtains with unique motifs. Designed by Work Architecture Company working with artist Elodie Blanchard. Photos by Adam Friedberg. (more…)

open-plan-introducing-modern-apartment-renovation-structure3-500x342This apartment renovate with functional reorganization method and open plan concept. Various colors applied, appropriate to each area theme. The décor and colors tones used both in furniture selection and furnishings texture tend to be colorful but in soft way. Begin from small simple terrace balcony, the interior living room open to outdoor with series of glass walls and sliding doors. Bright colors of blue lines pattern rugs contrast with soft palette sofa furniture and walls. This living area connects in open plan with dining room, kitchen, and TV area which connect to built-in work desk. A wooden partition wall between terrace living space and TV area really interesting functioned as partition, storage display of vase collection, and TV rack at other side. Dark tiles as basic flooring make the furnishings items color arise, cheerful sensation achieved. (more…)

black-white-photograph-concept-suite-interior-apartment1-500x333This apartment interior designed in unique way, promote black and white photograph result as theme of colored room, so dark, grey, black, white and its gradation colors dominated the space, from walls, furniture, home accessories, home appliances, until furnishing and fixtures. A splashes of color only provided by painting and arts at the walls, with livable sense of natural trunk and flowers attached in random placement at spacious area of dining, tea sitting, and living room with huge black sofa. Artistic achievement feel in double bed bedroom, dark wall contrasting with white ceiling combine with patterned bedding appliances and rugs and classic lamp design. This black white colored room concept creates timeless & elegant style of apartment interior design. Designed by Kelly LaPlante of Organic Interior Design. (more…)

industrial-exposed-pipes-SOHO-loft-interior-reconfiguration1-500x333Industrial element character inherent in this SoHo loft space like its exposed pipes maintained and unify with a warm, cozy, and chic environment interior design creating concept. Whiteness style with polished method becomes basic neutral colors to support various furnishing and textures tones. Polished wall still expose the original materials, like in the living room, we can still see the bricks grid, create unique wall creation. As the focal point, kitchen space reconfigured, L-shaped as island added with floor level transition become a border between kitchen and dining area. Various kitchen materials stainless appliances, wooden storage with dropped celing zones crate intimate feel. For the dining area, two brushed chrome chandeliers with average size contrasting with set of black table chair furniture create eclectic and whimsical element. In the living room, dual-sided sofa separate space become two spaces for different activities, watch TV, sitting rooms.  (more…)

For single, living alone in house, how interior should be like? This Japanese vintage house had been transformed to support daily activities for single dweller in just one space. A new platform of life designed, a clever architectural element idea, a big single table set up, equipped with various home appliances, designed to support variety of activities, and become multifunction storage. Wash basin, stair, kitchen appliances, relax, watch television, and computers to the phone to read and write, eat, to cook, wash your face, take a variety of activities such as. A space, for lot of activities does not messy anymore. It look organized, and create lively comfortable space. Designed by Sinato. (more…)

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