Building Types and Style

The Chengdu Contemporary Art Centre was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. It was the largest cultural building in China. It was located in Chengdu in Sichuan Province. The contemporary design consisted of three auditoria, an art museum, exhibition space and conference centre, plus restaurants, bars and shops. To provide shade from the sun, the facade consisted of criss-crossing louvres. (more…)


luxury-modern-beauty-clinic-interior-design-ideas2-500x335Come in pastel color interior design, this beauty clinic design concept has relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Form the lobby to the interaction space, corridor and the treatment room, all designed in detailing to catch intimate ambience. The lighting system of this clinic interior design has calm effect, make the customer feel homy and cozy. Designed by Glamorous. (more…)

This modern sculptural house extension intended to make transition space between the original interior house and its large garden and the views. This extension building has contrast structure form, create a unique sign of the original house. This two storey “pavilion” has a copper alloy roof canopy, designed in unique shape gesture. At upstairs, there is a modern deck and wall glass to capture the stunning views. Designed by stanbolt architect. (more…)

This modern terrace can be great terrace design inspiration, especially if you have flat roof or outdoor space on top of your house. There is four wood column structure as shade media covered by canvas awning. Inside, comfort sofas surrounding the stones and wooden board as accented feature that also can be functional items, such as to put candles at night to make romance atmosphere. This terrace design composition is very artful and include Feng Shui elements, suc as fire, water, air, earth, wood and metal. For relaxing and non-formal party space, this terrace has great features, such as a halfmoon bar of patinaed steel or wood burning fireplace flanked with birch saplings and native grasses. Designed by clodagh architects. (more…)

This is greenhouse vertical concept innovation design. It’s inspired structural exoskeleton of dragonfly wings. This ultra modern building accommodates 28 different agricultural fields. This vertical farm building designed to increasing need for ecological and environmental self-sufficiency in the urban cityscape. This futuristic skyscraper project suggests building a prototype of an urban farm offering a mixed programme of housing, offices and laboratories using ecological engineering, and farming spaces, which are vertically laid out in several floors and partly cultivated by its own inhabitants. Designed by Vincent Callebaut. (more…)