Architecture Essay

City is not growth as sentence, but can be read as sentence. Indeed, city is not written with letters. City is written by monuments. Place, street, and areas is reference spots, all at once show various different semantic categories. Citizens give contribution to change or make semantic process stronger, also sign the neutral and significant elements of a city. But, contestation and de-appreciation of meaning always happen. (more…)


Often, art creation or design not intentional use mathematic concept which understandable few centuries later. Arts and mathematic growth based on limitation and creativities of thinking.

Mathematic concept must logic, while arts do not always logic. Arts can growth wild, break logic border. So, it is not weird if mathematic need long time to understand arts in it concept. For example is Islam Decorative Arts. This arts obvious use decagonal quasicrystal geometry, and figured at 1970ers sucah as in Escher. (more…)

Global warming facts make innovation of industry products in architecture and building materials growth. Green architecture development concept emphasize of efficient increasing of water, energy, and building materials using. To design the building, pay attention with a lot of aperture to maximize air circulation and natural light. Use little lamp light and AC at noon. (more…)

In 21st century, there are big change at Post Post-Modern Architecture in Japan. Architects like Fumihiko, Maki, Arata Izozaki, Hara Hirose, Tadao Ando, Edward Suzuki, Kiko Mozuna, Shin Takamatsu, and others race to find new ideas which sometime hidden in one manifestation which difficult to guess where the direction. Those ideas independent from their cultures and history, even the philosophy. (more…)

To change life, we must first change space…” (Henri Lefebvre)

Definition of Ideal city is beginning of from a long seeking. Plato defines it as a mirroring from life in world space basing on the relation of man with the humanity (London, 2000). Farther, he also defines it as a political and social organization structure facilitating member of its developing potency they and coexists as according to humanity value and truth (London, 2000). Even city beginning from a group of man gathering somewhere and populating based on a purpose ( Wikipedia, 2007), so can be seen from above formulation, that there are some a real element influential in definition of city, that’s are human and space. (more…)