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Designed by y+Mdo, the Japanese house design is created with maximize natural lighting. Called Sumikiri House, this home design is situated within a residential buildings area where there are existing older tenement houses in Amagasaki-City, Hyogo-Pref, Japan.

A plain-woven iron grating on the exterior home fa├žade of the Sumikiri house suspend the corner of the missing and creates an interesting mix between transparency and privacy. Although the grating serves as a partition wall, it provide a brightness and a perspective with interior where is not large.

This Sumikiri House in Japan, reached a moderate distance and the relationship between the homeowner and their neighbors. The house design of the corner cutoff and plain-woven grating achieves both transparency of perspective visibility and secured privacy in addition efficiently utilizing the narrow site. All house design pictures, photographs: Courtesy of y+Mdo. (more…)


The construction of this modern small house is simple, box shaped, but the structure create revolutionary atmosphere experienced. The wall has huge glass windows exposed at every room, and the interior design has unique formed space and translucent surfaces, an exciting playful interior house concept. Every room connected with doorless and big windows or connecting space. The stepped floors and heights space creates in playful concept. White coloring wall and wooden furniture and functional structure create minimalist interior with spaciousness ambience. Designed by Sou Fujimoto architect. (more…)

This apartment interior design has modern white clear with detailing ornament; make this apartment look fresh and elegant. Double height structure at living area, creates spacious space. Open plan interior design with leveling space created an interesting journey while viewing this apartment. There is unique interior decoration wall, a galleried walkway, full with arts collections. This apartment also has Victorian features, such as metal framed windows on the retained facade overlooking the street. Designed by Squire and Partners Architects. (more…)

This modern house structured with off-form concrete reserve brick-veneer walls. Designed in L-shaped house form that also shaping beautiful courtyards and pool terrace for outdoor relaxing area. The exterior of this house expressed with timber cladding externally, and aluminum materials for windows and doors. A flat roof concept house with L-shaped form support energy efficiency utilities features. There are natural ventilation, sun control louvers and shutters, natural ventilation, solar panels and photovoltaic cells. For the interior, modern way of living with large space created. Such as modernist kitchen with dining room and living room unified. Designed by Tzannes Architects. (more…)

This modern house structured in a series of horizontal floor, deck and roof planes that step up the sloping site. Shed roof forms of this house equipped with photovoltaic and solar water panels, designed parallel provide spatial experience and natural ventilation. A sustainability features that make this modern house very interesting. There is also center-stringers stairs bridge across exterior to the interior, give unique split-level connection. There are decks to provide maximum views and overhanging eaves. Open spaces house from interior to exterior using clear glass sliding panels, and translucent glass. Designed by Jesse Bornstein architects. (more…)

Surround with vineyard, this modern house structured with stones in monastic architectural style. A long reflecting pool built as feature and functional items, also become objective of house organization, and provides a reorientation among undulating horizons, enhancing the relationship of indoor and outdoor space. The design poetically layers a complex program including agricultural operations, utility infrastructure, auxiliary structures, sculpture, orchards, gardens, follies, and domestic life. Designed by Aidlin Darling Architects.