Bed Design

Steve Leung, interior design created his modern minimalist style at apartement in Hong Kong. His design really unique with combination of natural contemporary style and natural materials. This interior apartement shown designer sensitiveness in using modern concept in natural packaging. Natural impression created homey, comfortable, and intimate atmosphere. And also appear elegant image which shown on wooden wood accent, black and white color for room accessories.

creaminimalis1Duplex apartement on Hollywood Street, near Lan Kwai Fong and Central office district. Wide impression feeled when enter foyer area that designed with mirror plafond. The wood materials combined with travertine stones, which make natural light effect.Rooom accessories in black nuance gave dramatic contrast effect.

creaminimalis2Glass door with steel is main access to dinign room and kitchen, become inter-room harmonic combination. On dining table, there are glass rack surrounded by black iron-ball curtain, so became unique point of view. Beside of that, mirror on the wall bounce back natural light entire the room.

creaminimalis3Spacious impression seem at every corner of working room. There are fold glass door, working table with its accessories, and part of wall layered with exotic snake leather. Indirect lighting behind plafond panels added dramatic atmosphere.


creaminimalis5Two bedrooms appear contrast design each other. First is main bedroom, wall in this room layered with chocolate leather, combined with dull grey carpet, make this room feel elegant and very contemporary. Indrirect lighting which lift up dark wooden furniture succeed to balance the nuance in this bedroom. Second bedroom is for children, this room designed with cheerful character, terracotta color on carpet and green and blue motif of wall.


Woman bedroom identical with pink that symbolizes love, purple that symbolizes mysterious or cheerful yellow. But there is no wrong if you going to use another colors, if you want make different atmosphere. For example in here, cream chosen as main color, unify with terracotta and orange colors as accent of interior design.

feminine-bedroom-interior-design1Indeed, those colors impress natural and far from girlie impression. So, how to make bedroom has feminine impression? One example is use flowers illustration as decoration of bedroom element. At this pics, flowers appear at lamp shade, carpet, and wall. Place flowers illustration seems have biggest influence which make bedroom appear so girlie and feminine.

feminine-bedroom-interior-design2Mural made with opposite colors with the background, but same tones as others. Kind of flower and the measurement different, make mural seems dynamic. Hmm…inspired? Make your own girlie bedroom interior design now.

Multifunction furniture is another perfect solution to solve a space problem. The Relax is new sofa bed collection that is presented in giant pillow shape that will provide a great relaxation for you. Finished by Zuzana Šišovská, this cozy sofa bed can be transformed into chair, sofa or bed with only simple steps. The Relax sofa allows you to find the best position to lay down your back and relax. This sofa features integrated straps that will help you to transform it into many shapes that you want. This lovely white sofa bed will give you three different functions in one single unit and it will save your space too. For further information about this cool sofa bed, visit Behance.


If you need a new bed for your modern bedroom, you should take a look at this one. This eyes-catching bed is designed by Nusa Jelenec. It has original and unique design that makes it as a new center piece in any space. The Lago bed allows you to fold the margin in different styles; it’s all up to you. Surrounded by flexible margin, this bed is just like a cozy nest that is perfectly safe for your baby too. The Lago bed is made of high quality materials and very soft, so it will provide enough comfort for anyone. And you will no longer experience an embarrassing moment of falling off the bed. The bed is also completed with a matching night table. The Lago bed is going to be exhibited in the Milan Festivities.


With clear form, this sleeping bedroom concept has comfort-oriented system arrangements beside modern look concept. This sleeping series called as Mioletto from huelsta come with oak anthracite, white lacquer, walnut construction. This sleeping collection consist of bed, chest, console, dressing table, lowboard, mirror, wall mounted shelf, wall unit, wardrobe. For the beds, you can choose between a flush-sided headboard or a side headboard extension including a shelf with comprehensive accessories, such as electric sockets, atmospheric lamps, LED bedside lamps and more. This chest provides ample comfortable storage. Available in two widths with drawers, hinged or sliding doors. The elegantly curved dressing table is supported on one side by the suspended unit with drawer, and more. Huelsta.


versality-modern-bed-design-furnitureThis contemporary bed is really awesome with its modern versatility. It’s come with solid wood legs. There are two panels of bed headboard. You can position in their traditional back-supporting role, or move around to the side or foot of the bed when you feel like sitting up and facing your partner. In espresso wood veneer, finished on all sides allows for versatile room placement. Lacquered veneer particle board panels. Available at chiasso

Basically, runner used as wrapping, wrap the coffee table, dining table, or console table or as interior element. To refresh your bed, use runner that has length more than bed, so it will little bit dangle.

bedroom-interior-design-ideasHow about the colors? Choose colors that have same tunes with basic colors of bed cover or also appropriate with bedroom colors. The result, your bedroom looks cheerful and fresh.