Garden and Landscape

This ficus gardening plant has unique characteristic. The leave has golden yellow dotted colors at surfaces which shining if there is sun light touch the leafs. So this decorating plant perfect to placed in light space, such as terrace or maybe your fences. Ficus Deltoidea plant can also be created become bonsai. This space plant an reach 2 meters height, but because it has tiny stem and small branch, you have to put pole support. Ideal height for this plant approximately 1 until 1,5 meters. The leaves arranged orderly at the small branches.

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Here is modern unique garden landscape experiment, create garden rooms and organic vegetables planted and unify with the beautiful garden. The result is dazzling and colorful garden with varied flowers and plants that blossoms appropriate throughout the seasons. Other plants provide height, texture and color contrast. Designed by Mariani Landscape.

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Enhance your house or any interior space with greenery concept. Green Fortune has innovative concept to integrate greenery in interior space. Called as plantwall, this is vertical application for unique indoor garden. Without loosing floor space, you can have sophisticated indoor garden. The size and plants also can be adjusted. The integrated drip irrigation system makes the watering very smooth. Fertilizer distributed and automatically controlled. Created by Green Fortune.

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This modern garden has simplicity design and attractive decorative accent. Functioned as outdoor room with entertaining, dining and relaxing space, this garden layout has two separate areas. Flooring with large rectangular cream travertine paving, a focal point of large timber structure built. This structural cube timber accomadate sheving and bench seating. For the illumation, a set of low voltage downlighters illuminate individual alcoves in the timber cube, while stainless steel spotlights on the side wall and on each of the four corners of the cube provide ample light to the seating and dining areas. In-ground uplighters serve to highlight the planters to the left hand side and a series of low voltage lights give a calming glow to the upper garden. Designed by Earthdesigns.

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Palm, bamboo and other plants arranged with tropical forest style, look dense and look natural. Side of it, outdoor dining and relaxing space create with minimalist elegant look. The benches has unique, innovative and characterize by reiterate the shape of the indoor fireplace. The hardwood continues the lines of the flooring. The granite in the waterfall increases in size while alternating texture and alignment, producing a captivating flow. For continuous form of open living house with roof terrace, this garden landscaping design is wonderful. Designed by Mylandscapes.

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Patch on highland, surrounded with fantastic tropic site, mountains and sea beyond, this tropical modern garden and landscape create systematically order consist of zones of relaxing. At side of house, there is modern simple swimming pool, with whiteness character of natural stones continuous to full open relaxing space to enjoy the sea views. At another corner, bordered with black stones fences, relaxing space created to enjoy expansive views of mountains hills. At another side of house, more intimate garden built, consist of traditional simple gate, pond and orderly white stones track. The garden and landscape accentuate with palm tree, grouped and combine other tropical plants. Designed by Craig Reynolds landscape architects.

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