This house restoration retained its model, agricultural barn style with pitched roof. This modern simple looking house constructs from architectural design element, the stereotomic and tectonic, marriage together in perfect complex proposition structure design. The stereotomic elements; brick perimeter, concrete floor, brick pavilions are overclad by the tectonic elements; profiled metal roof, crittall glazing and purpleheart cladding, reclaimed from a Thames pier. Each room space of the house has autonomy construction. The long living room in whiteness color has full glazed structure, connect with simplicity brickwork structure kitchen with fireplace wall separation. The entrance has full double oak door which leads to entrance hall made from massive white painted brick with aediculae installed. And next room is private space; consist of three bedrooms and bathroom which have wooden clad exterior. This house completed with in-situ concrete garage building. Designed by David Kohn Architects. (more…)